HiTech looking into putting AH on Steam

    • An example of some of the hoops Valve makes developers jump through to get their game on Steam. This is the failure notice HTC received from Valve for AH's digital store front that HiTech has to rectify to get the game listed.

      Your store page has failed our review because there is inconsistency in the game's title. The capsule images, "About This Game" section, and "Short Description" section all show the game title as "Aces High". However, the title at the top of the store page and in the Steam Library both show up as "Aces High III". Please make the necessary updates so that the title is consistent between the capsule images, store page, and Steam Library.
    • It may not have anything to do with the webpage in this instance. It's funny though after seeing HT berate someone on his own forums once - I have the post saved - about the nomenclature of his game being Aces High 2 or just Aces High, that he himself gets it returned for misnaming the game in the Steam store by calling the game both Aces High and Aces High 3. Irony.

      I do agree that Steam is being picky and ridiculous. I'm hoping all time time and effort HTC has put into Steam gives them some payoff.
      It's nothing a little music can't help...

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