Trico Sucks

    • Trico Sucks

      I'm done buying their substandard plastic crap.

      The price keeps going up and the quality keeps going down.

      Put a new blade on my truck and turned on the wipers. The plastic adapter snapped but I was able to lift the blade before it scratched my window. I even took the time to go to their website and watch the video on how to install them.

      I picked up a pair from Toyota for less than their middle of the road product costs.

      Save your money, buy something else.
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    • Heh, I'm the same way with wipers now, I get the very best I can find, as buying their crap = waste of time and money. Premium wiper products my ASS. Jess had some on her GTR and they lasted a couple months and then started streaking and failing, horrible product. She had the Onyx blades as they were supposed to be rated for the highest speed, something you need in her car, as there are regular blasts up to..high..speeds on the highway when we are frequently traveling back and forth from here to Calgary and not taking my Duramax. Anyhow, those Onyx blades are complete shit.
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