Assi for Flametard Gvt

    • Assi for Flametard Gvt

      Hire the kid, and frontal - or I'm gonna fuck u up. Look at all that laundry. 70's Cowboys out there.

      He becomes a mod, because He deserves it. U shit slime on it, and I'm gonna fuck u up.

      That's the deal.

      Assi is a mod < or I riot >

      He's due, do him. One of the only reasons I show up here.
    • Everything works, except for your body. You big ol mfer.

      Your fatass is stuck in time, man. But you knew that, didn't ya. What, 3 years pass on your ass? And that is a question.

      But you're there right now, aren't ya. Still trying to make a way.

      Teeing-off on me might do it, valley or not. Let us see, fatty. No song for you.
    • The man, let us not mistake it, insight. Or He used to. Now He's a fucking bag. Bullshit.

      I got his back. You're allowed to mouth, at the mouth site. Want it to stick, get a boyfriend. We'll I'm fucking him. He bought me a Vette.

      Fuck with that.
    • That 20 pound thing sitting on your neck and you come at Me with all the shit in it. I got your boy, I got your fag .. but what? You're fucked.

      Now go make me "another" pop tart, and eat it.
    • I see a buncha pussies that type that they don't adhere to everyday. They don't know.

      To them I wish a well. A well of sharpen up. We can't carry you all. We're trying. But there will be fuck-ups. And that's my call.

      You don't know shit, John. So Let's have fun.

      Vote Assi.