Beta Film

    • watched 'em both, excellent!

      I hope they generate more interest in the beta, and I hope HTC appreciates the quality of your work and puts it on their webpage (with your permission). The current video they have, while it does show many different aspects of the game, is jumpy and sometimes hard to watch. Plus it uses the game's theme song as soundtrack and I've grown tired of hearing that.

      Some random thoughts:

      - its cool to watch the same video with different music soundtracks, to see how the soundtrack can change the feel/mood. One is more driving/insistent/hip and the other has sort of an ethereal/floating/graceful vibe.

      - The Yak-7b is one of my favorites. I don't know why I think its so cool looking. It reminds me of a trainer with the rear canopy covered over, like it was pressed into combat service.

      - I hope HTC continues to refine the explosion effects - I want more fire/smoke/debris, and the effect needs to be longer duration. The second plane's explosion looks more like a magician's "disappearing plane" illusion than a real aircraft exploding. I know they have to deal with frame rate/multiplayer considerations but I hope they can tweak it more. And I hope a bomber crashing into the ground will produce a bigger explosion than a fighter does.

      - You must have a monster system to run with full ground detail on. I think you said once you had a 8GB card - do you have an R9 390?

      - How do you get the "handheld camera shake" effect? Does SONY Movie Studio have a plugin that does it for you, or do you do it by hand (I've seen a demo video of how to do it manually, but it seems like a lot of work for a 4-5 minute video. I think SONY Vegas has plugins available - do those work with Movie Studio?) Its an excellent effect that gives a realism to these kinds of films.
    • Wow, that turned out better than I thought it ever could Dolby - fantastic job.

      Oboe, I was one of the 109s in that film, and I have everything absolutely cranked including environment, and usually play at 1080P to make shooting easier, but I was in 4k in that video - I still get 75 to 144 fps with my ROG Swift 1440p and Acer 4k Gsync lcds in game. As good as that vid looks, at 1440p or 4k, it really shows they've actually improved graphics quite a bit IMO. My slowest machine is my "AH" box, as I have my prefered CH gear hooked it with it, and use my Warthog and custom peds on my DCS machine. It's a x79 3820 with 2 980 in SLI, but I usually don't see any diff in AH or beta with sli on or off.
      It's nothing a little music can't help...

    • I would love to see the beta in 4K if it makes that much of a difference. I'd be especially interested in how the custom skins appear - since the skin files are 1024x1024 bmps, does it make much difference? Or is the difference more evident in the terrain?

      War Thunder's skins are twice AH's resolution, and some have even been done at 4K. You can tell (although I think there is something more going on too, with their graphics engine - it handles the look of bare metal so well, and I haven't been able to duplicate that look yet inAH. My bare metal skins end up looking like they are made of off-white colored glass or something).

      2x 980s?! Gah! Your video cards alone cost more than my system. And you run a multi-panel setup as well? I don't know whether to wish you were my neighbor or be thankful that you're not!